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Rough sex is often the topic of heated debates, with many categorizing it as abuse and others categorizing it as a legitimate fetish. How old are you? Woman A: Twenty-seven.

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Spanking has always been a hot button issue, but it's always been an issue that has confounded me, both as a child and as an adult. I was only spanked once as a kid, and I was just as confused about what I was supposed to feel about it as my mom was. I'm also a total control freak in most aspects of my life.

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Sign up or log in to share. Oh yeah, a little spanking during sex,can sure do it! Whew,anyone else starting to feel a little warm?

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Just saw this article, written by a woman, which surprises me somewhat. MOST men, too, find spanking a woman to be a strong sexual turn-on". Do the majority of women have fantasies about being spanked? In my experience the answer is a resounding NO.

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Well, maybe some of them aren't lying While I tried to keep the post available for everybody, I see a boob in every single spanking shot, so a NSFW we will go. I will say this

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That could be a recipe for disaster, right? The study also goes on to say that women are just as into kink and fetishes as men — and may even be more into kink than men are. This article surveyed over 1, women from all over the world to find out more about what they liked in bed.

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There's no denying was the Year of the Booty. As the booty has its moment, it only makes sense that you would want to show your appreciation for it in the bedroom. Guess what?

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Image by WAA via Stocksy. Inarchaeologist Carlo Maurilio Lerici descended into tombs in the old town of Tarquinia, a necropolis of the refined Etruscan civilization that inhabited ancient Italy from about BC until its assimilation into the Roman Republic in the late 4th century BC. Aside from bodies, he found countless badly damaged frescos depicting comical male boxers, sexualized female dancers, and most notably, in The Tomb of the Floggingsone in which an unclothed woman is bent over and holding the hips of a smiling bearded man while a young man whips her ass from behind—the first discovered example of erotic spanking. And in the past 1,plus years, the sadomasochistic act has been a fascination of everyone from artists to philosophers to sex researchers in one interpretation or another.

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Men do. Yes, having sexual fantasieswhether you want to act them out or not, is completely natural and healthy — though a study out of Quebec found that when it comes to sexual fantasies, not all women actually have a desire to act them out. By averaging numerous studies, The Journal of Sexual Medicineand what sex therapists have found in their work, we've narrowed down a list of the top six things women are fantasizing about these days.

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