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As the cross continues to be a symbol of aid and salvation, it is easy to overlook the fact that it was once a gruesome instrument of torture and death. The cross was the chief instrument of crucifixion, a method of execution wherein the condemned are fastened to a wooden cross using rope or nails. Painting by Tintoretto from Wikimedia Commons.

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Crucifixion was a shameful punishment inflicted on slaves, criminals and rebels. No Roman citizen could be crucified without the personal authorization of the emperor himself. The crucified man was tortured and demeaned in every possible way.

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Story by Jardonn based on Baron's picture Friday Yes, Friday the 13th,the end of the Knights Templar. I am well aware the significance of the event, but I see another possibility.

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The Persians probably invented crucifixionthen it was copied by the Greeks and Romans — who perfected this horrifying way of killing a criminal. It was meant to terrify all those who witnessed it, and humiliate and torment the person condemned to die. The Assyrians see below right were past masters of psychological warfare.

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See The Roman Trial, Part 2. Holy and Great Friday. The Crucifixion.

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A gentleman heard me on Relevant Radio earlier. I had mentioned on the air that one of the great humiliations of a crucifixion was that a man was crucified naked. This thoughtful gentleman wrote to challenge my comments.

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Crucifixion is a form of punishment used by Caesar's Legion. The victim is tied to a cross and left out to die. Caesar chooses to do this because the punishment was frequently used by the real Roman Empire. It was public, humiliating, and lingering, as well as being cheap and easily arranged many of the crosses Caesar's Legion uses are recycled power or telephone poles.

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And Craig thinks otherwise. Crucifixion was not invented by the Romans, but they used it a lot. It was thought of as the most horrible, painful, tortuous, and humiliating form of execution possible. If Romans wanted simply to kill someone without a fuss, there were plenty of other means available — for example, beheading.


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