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Wright We should be remembering him for being a pretty decent catcher from the s and early s. What is even more beyond me is how he still has a job and Joe Buck for that matter.

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While signing big-money free agents and making blockbuster trades are a huge part of building a playoff-caliber team, establishing good team chemistry is equally important if a team hopes to achieve the ultimate goal of taking home a World Series title. However, for many teams, a player gets in the way of achieving that coveted good team chemistry with a me-first attitude, as he is more of an annoyance to the team than an asset, regardless of his talents on the field. Annoyance in baseball stretches much further than the players themselves, however, as there are more than a few managers, general managers and even announcers that make a baseball game hard to watch with their annoying personalities.

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Welcome to Net54baseball. These forums are devoted to both Pre- and Post- war baseball cards and vintage memorabilia, as well as other sports. If you give an opinion of a person or company your full name needs to be in your post.

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McCarver then fires off this gem: " Well I In Scrabble, W's are worth 4 points S's are only worth one point.

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There have been tons of memorable fights between sports figures and media members, but here are 10 that standout for their awkwardness and aggressiveness. Hit us up with your personal favorites on Twitter. Deion Sanders vs.

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I happen to think he is excellent and he knows more baseball than just about anybody. Catchers are amongst the smartest baseball players for a good reason. If you don't like Tim's know it all attitude, tough luck bitch.

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Tuesday night's All Star Game was unwatchable. An exhibition baseball game falls somewhere between the Pro Bowl and racewalking for excitement value. But that's just me.

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Tim McCarver is retiring, taking with him a legacy of bizarre rants and obvious observations. Simply, we will have to look elsewhere for explanations on the finer points of a "double play. Multiple outlets reported on Wednesday afternoon that Tim McCarver would be retiring from Fox at the end of

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See Deion Sanders. See him smiling wheeling his daughter in a stroller in those sneaker commercials. See him play two sports.

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Since he announced earlier this week that he'd be retiring from broadcasting after this year's World Series, the discussion about Tim McCarver -- which was always and already defined by a heavy payload of "ugh, this guy" -- split in two. The more generous argument holds that McCarver -- a player for 21 years, and a broadcaster for an astonishing 29 postseasons -- was once a more generous and less grandiose broadcaster than he is in his prickly, mannered endgame. This argument holds that McCarver was someone who understood and loved the game deeply, and expressed that right up until the moment when he stopped understanding or loving it. Depending on the observer, this could be five or ten or 15 years before McCarver realized that it was time to retire.


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