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Sensual Saturday is brought to you today by Enslavewhich is the fourth book in my popular Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series. You understand, Chica? She did understand.

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Titillating sex, alluring characters and invigorating twists will keep you hooked on this saga. Erin and Dante grapple to envisage how strong their bond will become as they run for their lives, and unravel as a mystery. Isabella is a normal girl who frequently enjoys the nightlife and has a bit of a sexual appetite.

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V amperotica was the lead comic book series from Brainstorm Comics, a company created in the early s by graphic artist and writer Kirk Lindo. Brainstorm was one of several independent comics companies that thrived in the s by adopting the vampire as a major element in its products. In its first issue inVamperotica introduced the world to Luxura, an ancient vampire who resided in a vast underground complex somewhere in America.

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Nicht in Griechenland? Lila, a year-old woman who endures lonely night after lonely night waiting for her husband to return home, is disturbed from her sleep by Ignacio, a flame-red haired, fiendishly attractive young man. What Lila doesn't know is that Ignacio is a vampire, desperately seeking her especially rare blood.

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Once feared undead monsters, vampires are now objects of desire. We fantasize about them overpowering us completely and totally, sinking those fangs into our flesh and giving us a night to never forget. Inspired by those that love vampires in the naughtiest of ways, I put together this short list of some of the best erotic vampire books out there.

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Trust me; these boys look beautiful on a bookshelf. Andrew is an ancient immortal with dark history. Edmund is a human sailor with a thirst for both adventure and violence.

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No matter how much Victor tries to stay out of trouble, he always finds himself right in the middle of it. His ranking in the coven is at the bottom of the barrel, and Riley always reminds him of that. One night, running from his bully, Victor is hit by a car a block from Black Dragon.

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Originally Published — 27 pgs. The Vampire Entertainment Magazine. In Vamperotica expanded into magazine publishing and produced this highly successful magazine which ran for 16 issues. Vamperotica Magazine features articles, interviews, fictional stories and spotlights on Vampire movies, comics, toys models and more.

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As the days get shorter and colder, the nights get longer and the temptation to curl up with a good book gets stronger. Curling up with the first book in a series is even better as it has the promise of a lot more fun to come. These 7 sexy novels feature vampires of all types.

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