Breast feeding orgasm

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Perceptions of women about sexuality during breastfeeding: an integrative literature review. I Nurse Midwife. Email: elainelutzmartins yahoo.

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I just gave birth on October to a beautiful little boy. I had to have a cesarean, and as with all births, I'm not allowed to have sex for around 6 weeks total. My question comes in with the fact that I'm breastfeeding my little angel.

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Oxytocin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It has many functions in the human body. It increases relaxation, lowers stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and causes muscle contractions.

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Erotic lactation is sexual arousal by breastfeeding on a woman's breast. Depending on the context, the practice can also be referred to as adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding. Practitioners sometimes refer to themselves as being in an adult nursing relationship ANR.

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By Claire Lawrence Feb 20, Photo: iStock. Of all the embarrassing and weird things that come with pregnancy and new motherhood, this one is the hardest to admit.

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If you read this headline and thought to yourself "huh?! Because this is a topic that, until recently, hasn't been well-researched, many people have the experience of arousal or orgasm during breastfeeding, and then feel shame or guilt, as if there is something wrong with them. This is especially unfortunate since there is a well-understood reason for the experience, and understanding why it happens can go a long way to alleviate shame and embarrassment.

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When I nursed my two children, my relationship with my breasts changed. I saw them less as sexual objects that filled out my sweaters and more like the sole source of my baby's nutrition. This probably also had to do with the fact that I nursed so much that I hardly had time to think about sex.

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Many parents report changes in their sexual lives while breastfeeding. Physical changes in our bodies during the post-partum period and lactation, lack of sleep, and the demands of caring for young children all contribute to a shifting sense of self, including our experiences of ourselves as sexual beings. Whatever you are experiencing, from increased desire, to no desire at all, and everything in between, others have been there before you. Discussing your experiences with others, such as at a La Leche League meeting, can be a reassuring way to feel that you are not alone.

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Remember oxytocin? It's a hormone that facilitated the let-down of milk when you were nursing, and it's released with nipple stimulation. Oxytocin also stimulates contractions for the uterus which is why any of you who had labor induced might recognize oxytocin by another name: pitocin.

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There's hardly anything more satisfying than feeling aroused. However, for some people, feeling aroused can be quite the awkward experience. As it turns out, when some mothers breastfeed, they're not just feeding their babies — they're becoming aroused. This is what some people refer to as nipple orgasms.


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