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According to a 4,person survey by the sex toy company Lovehoney89 percent of couples have orgasmed at the same time, 37 percent do half the time or more, and the average couple orgasms simultaneously once every three times they're intimate. Those numbers sound absurdly high to you? They did to us too—and sex therapist Vanessa Marin, who teaches an online course about orgasms called Finishing Schoolthinks they should be way lower.

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A shared orgasm, where both partners climax together at the same time, is arguably one of the greatest joys of sex, and yet surprisingly few straight couples manage to achieve this every time they have sex. Having said that, most couples have achieved the holy orgasm grail at some point in their relationship, so we know it is doable. We speak to sex expert Jess Wilde about the secret to achieving simultaneous orgasms:.

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Matt Cook hasn't had an orgasm in seven months, and he hopes never to intentionally have one again. The year-old publisher from Virginia isn't celibate. Happily married for 25 years, Cook said his sex life is more exciting than ever and giving up the goal-oriented climax has improved every aspect of his life.

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The female orgasm has been a subject of several productive and also controversial studies which only highlights the rising awareness about sexual pleasure for both partners in bed. But the idea of both man and woman climaxing at the same time during intercourse has always been seen as the crescendo of sexual satisfaction. Even as the idea may seem too demanding going by common perception, a new study reveals that the number of couples having an orgasm at the same time is surprisingly high. While 89 percent said that they have had shared orgasms in the course of their relationship, 37 percent couples said that they have shared orgasms as often as half the times they have sex.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Women Who Stray.

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You've probably heard of the pay gap, but what about the orgasm gap? Sad fact: Men have more orgasms than women and experts have known this since the '50s. But researchers at Chapman University and The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University wanted to know more about how sexual orientation might be linked to orgasm frequency, so they asked more than 50, people how often they came as well as what they tended to do in the sack, how they communicated with their partners, and how satisfied they were with their relationship.

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There's nothing more magical than being so super connected to your partner that you happen to orgasm at the same time during sex. You both came! Which is great considering that the orgasm gap is unfortunately alive and well.

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The more I watch British television, the more convinced I become that their television programming is just all-around better than ours. First, there was the British version of The Office. And now, there's my new favorite talk show, This Morningwhere the hosts conduct a weekly interview with people who are The married Los Angeles couple being interviewed, Scott and Melanie McClure, say that they have managed to achieve their insanely long orgasms by mastering the art of tantra, or tantric sex.

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A surprising number of couples have climaxed at the same time as their partner, a new study reveals. It's widely considered elusive - but a surprising number of couples have actually enjoyed a 'shared orgasm ', a new study reveals. A staggering 89 per cent of partners have climaxed at the same time during their relationshipaccording to the survey.

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Orgasmic dysfunction is a condition that occurs when someone has difficulty reaching orgasm. Men can also experience orgasmic dysfunction, but this is much less common. Orgasms are intense feelings of release during sexual stimulation.


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