Fibrious breast and cancer

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She claimed that initially the lump was small, but was gradually getting bigger just before presentation. There was no associated pain, nipple discharge or weight loss. Her last confinement was eight years before presentation.

There's a pretty common belief out there that if a weird lump arises on your breastyou might be able to feel around to determine if it's a benign cyst or a tumor. Let's be super-clear up front: Only a doctor can actually tell you what any new lump or bump on your breast might be, whether it's a benign cyst or, more rarely, a potential sign of breast cancer. With that said, since all breast bumps aren't created equal, different types sometimes have characteristic features that you can pick up on through your skin.

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Diagnosed in her early 30s with fibrocystic breasts, Rebekka never thought the breast discomfort she experienced at age 44 was cancer. The discomfort reoccurred at 40, but she was again diagnosed with a cyst, which eventually went away. However, the year she turned 44, she began experiencing the discomfort again.

Fibrocystic breast changes are common. Women with this noncancerous benign condition often have lumpy, nodular breasts and experience breast pain that varies throughout the menstrual cycle. Doctors don't know exactly what causes fibrocystic breast changes, but the condition is likely due to hormone changes during your menstrual cycle that affect breast tissue. Although fibrocystic breast changes don't increase your risk of breast cancer, having fibrocystic breasts may make it more difficult for you to feel a new breast lump or other abnormal change — such as a persistent breast lump that doesn't go away with your next menstrual cycle or thickening or firmness within lumpy breast tissue.

Fibrocystic breast tissue is NOT fibrocystic breast disease. If a change is found, it should be reported to their doctor right away. At the Johns Hopkins Breast Center, our nurse practitioners teach women how to give themselves proper monthly breast exams.

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There are different types of breast lumps. The following descriptions and illustraitons provides some details. If you have any questions, follow-up with your doctor.

Many breast lumps are due to fibrocystic changes. The lumps can be caused by a collection of fibrous tissue in an area of the breast. The lumps can also be caused by one or more collections of fluid in an area of the breast.

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What is a fibroadenoma? Symptoms of fibroadenoma 3. Types of fibroadenoma 4.

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Fibrocystic breast disease, commonly called fibrocystic breasts or fibrocystic change, is a benign noncancerous condition in which the breasts feel lumpy. According to the Mayo Clinicmore than half of women will develop fibrocystic breast disease at some point in their lives. Many women with fibrocystic breasts will not have any associated symptoms.

Fibrocystic breast changes happen when women develop fluid-filled cysts along with areas of fibrosis in one or both breasts. Fibrosis is a thickening of the breast tissue that you and your doctor can feel through the skin. It can be somewhat firm, ropy, or rubbery. Fibrosis also can happen by itself without any cysts forming.


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