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A quick look at President Mugabe's colourful language throughout his year reign as leader of Zimbabwe. During his year rule of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has built up an impressive amount of controversy, mostly by using colourful and often hateful language. The year-old leader - the world's oldest head of state - has been prone to rail against a wide range of topics; from homosexuality and Britain, to Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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The conference will be attended by thousands of people, including leading scientists, policymakers, activists, gays and lesbians, people living with HIV and Aids, as well as government leaders and civil society representatives. Inhe blasted American President Barack Obama accusing him of wanting to impose gay rights in Zimbabwe. John and John, no; Maria and Maria, no.

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Image by TJ Maposhere. Zimbabwe, Normally, this would be a dog-bites-man story: An international AIDS conference without an activist zap would be like a World Cup match without fans.

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After nearly 40 years of despotic rule, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has finally stepped down, according to parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda. The year-old dictator was perhaps the most virulently homophobic in Africa—condemning LGBT rights, persecuting gay people, and threatening them with death. On Tuesday, with impeachment proceedings looming, Mugabe finally tendered his resignation as leader of his own Zanu-PF party.

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Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has taken a bizarre swipe at US President Barack Obama following the Supreme Court's decision to legalise gay marriage across America last week, sarcastically promising to travel to Washington and ask for his hand in marriage. Following the Supreme Court decision, which was widely lauded across the Western world, the year-old leader, known for his fiercely anti-homosexuality stance, said he would "get down on my knee and ask [Obama's] hand", before he went on to condemn marriage equality. Mugabe made the comments during his weekly radio interview with the country's national radio station, ZBC, on Saturday.

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A Zimbabwean parliamentarian was held in custody for seven days after saying President Robert Mugabe had gay sex with another politician, state media reported Thursday. Mugabe who is known for saying that gays and lesbians are "worse than pigs and dogs" last month labelled British Prime Minister David Cameron "satanic" for saying that countries that want aid from London must accept gays rights. Both Karenyi and her party declined to comment on the matter to AFP but the newspaper said she was "denying the allegations being levelled against her.

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Zimbabwe's infamously outspoken President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the country for over three decades, went on a tirade against extended human rights to gay people in his country during a speech at the UN General Assembly on Monday. Mugabe's heated statement drew audible laughter from some in the crowd, according to reports from journalists in the room. But the comments are no laughing matter: Homosexuality is a crime in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who in the past has called tolerance for gay rights "unnatural" and "filth," has yet again made his views known surrounding recent political and social gains made by LGBT individuals. This thing homosexuality seeks to destroy our lineage by saying John and John should wed, Maria and Maria should wed Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice

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Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe strayed from his script in startling fashion on Monday evening, and blurted out: "We are not gays" during his UN General Assembly speech. The year-old used his speech to criticise the UN for its "archaic" organisation which, he argued, excluded the poorest countries. He criticised EU sanctions against his countryand voiced his anger at the Security Council's failure to represent developing nations.

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Zimbabwe's leader criticised Western nations' attempts to 'proscribe new rights contrary to our values, norms, traditions and beliefs'. Robert Mugabe used the United Nations podium on Monday evening to attack homosexuality in front of the General Assembly. In the government made it illegal for two people of the same sex to kiss, hug - or hold hands. We are not gays!


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