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Sure, it sounds alluring to be in the arms of someone you once shared everything with. There will always be an inherent bond with an ex because of the shared history and familiarity. But is an ex encounter worth it?

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It happens on TV and in movies all the time—a couple gets divorcedonly to find themselves getting it on like newlyweds soon after think: Cougar TownThe Girlfriends' Guide to DivorceIt's Complicated. Sure, post-divorce nookie is a classic plot twist that makes for super steamy binge-watching sessions, but how often does it happen IRL? You get the thrill of having sex with someone who's "off-limits," along with the security of knowing one another intimately, she says.

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W hen we break up with our ex husband or ex wife, it as if the whole world turns upside down. The pain and turmoil can affect us in way that we can never imagine. Days and weeks can go by as we second guess whether we did the right thing.

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Hooking up after getting divorced isn't all that rare — think of all the history and the sexual tension that might be released after finally calling it quits — but what if the reason you split up was because your husband cheated on you? With your best friend? Brian had just quit his job and I was pregnant with our first child. We figured we would stay with them until Brian could find a job again, and then we would move out.

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Article after article argues that it's a bad idea—not only will it make it harder for you to move on, these stories argue, but it can also be emotionally exhausting and traumatizing. Is that really the case, though? Maybe not, according to new research on the subject, which suggests that ex-sex might actually help us more than it hurts.

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Having sex with an ex is Consider your reasons. After a breakup it may be common to second guess yourself.

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I'm in a relationship of five years. My girlfriend is great. We got together during my divorce.

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Contrary to what our friends, family members, and even some mental health professionals might advise, sex with your ex might not be a death sentence for your mental well-being. Having sex with a previous partner is a common occurrence. Earlier this year, a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research revealed that one-third of young adults, ages 17 to 24, reported having had sex with an ex — with numbers higher among divorced adults.

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The events and the relationship we become swept up in are anything but fiction; an intimate dissection of the love story of Michelle Parise and her now ex-husband. Sometimes, these bodies were unfamiliar ones — ones she gravitated towards in bars late at night, when her daughter was away in another home, living the other half of her life. Yeah, I know.

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You can read all about it here: LINK. Apparently research from the University of Arizona published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that divorced partners who slip back into the marital bed find sex can actually lessen the pain of the break-up. We even have the UK sex expert Tracey Cox agreeing with this idea that sex with an ex can provide closure. She said:.


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