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Why should I do it? Well, why not?! Because it makes life more exciting?

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In a way, stripping is a little bit like dirty talking: uncomfortable at first, but way too much fun once you get into it. As with most things in the bedroom, confidence is absolutely pivotal when it comes to learning how to strip. Pump yourself up by practicing in a mirror for a few days leading up to the big show.

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Take it off! Not only is a striptease the perfect way to seduce your partner, it's also super empowering for you and will make you feel incredibly sexy. And you don't have to be a dancer to do it.

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Unless you're a professional burlesque dancer, the art of seduction is a pretty tricky one to master. Who among us hasn't felt like a fumbling idiot while trying to "sexily" remove their knickers? It's OK, we're all as awkward and on edge as each other. But, if you're wanting to overcome this and give someone the strip tease of their goddam lives, here's some advice from people who give and receive sexy dances.

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You know this would rock your man's world -- but do you dare try it? We bet your husband would love to see you do a striptease dance. It sounds like a lot of hot fun

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Think slow and sensual—but it can be nearly any genre. Also, make sure the lyrics convey the right message. You can strip out of anything, really, but lingerie or a costume can really get your partner going.

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Burlesque performer and enchantress Trixie Bluefrom the House of Trixie Blue explains that confidence is key to a spot-on striptease, insisting that they should be as enjoyable for us as they are our partners. Indulge their senses by keeping close but far enough away to tantalise and tease. A cute brush of their arm will show that you are in charge.

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A striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. In Western countries, the venues where stripteases are performed on a regular basis are now usually called strip clubsthough they may be performed in venues such as pubs especially in the UKtheaters and music halls. At times, a stripper may be hired to perform at a bachelor or bachelorette party.

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To remove clothing or covering from: stripped the beds. To remove or take off clothing or covering : stripped off his shirt. To remove an exterior coating, as of paint or varnish, from: stripped the cabinets.

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Emma, who has been dancing for eight years, is into garter belts and black lingerie. It's really about whatever is easier for you to slip in and out of and feel sexy doing it. Also, wear layers; this way you have more to take off and the anticipation can build.


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