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Jump to navigation. If we want to promote sexual health, we need to help people understand their HIV prevention options, not judge their choices. Nearly 40 years into the HIV epidemic we are now at a point in the HIV response where, for some gay, bisexual and transgender men, having sex without a condom is a choice they can make without concern about HIV infection.

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These results question whether HIV transmission is anything other than a theoretical risk when someone is taking effective ART. This reverses the common assumption that, by definition, some level of risk always exists when one partner is HIV positive. The PARTNER study is important in that it included both gay and straight couples, that it measured risk in people who were not using condoms and that it estimated absolute risks.

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After eight years the study was unable to find a single linked HIV transmission when viral load was undetectable, even after couples had sex without condoms 77, times. They actually provide an even greater level of evidence for gay men as the first PARTNER results provided for heterosexual couples in The second phase of the PARTNER study included some participants from the first phase which started in but was expanded from to to just enrol gay men.

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June is Pride Month, a ripe time to reflect on one of the most startling facts about our sexual culture today: Condom use is all but disappearing among large numbers of gay men. But another crucial component is the fading memory of the AIDS crisis that once defined what it meant to be gay. After tracking the sexual practices of 17, gay and bisexual Australian men from toa team of researchers this month unveiled the most convincing evidence to date.

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They still have a role to play in protecting the sexual health of gay men—since they can protect against STIs in addition to HIV. In laboratory testing, condoms used perfectly according to directions should be Since we are human and tend to not have laboratory-style sex, how well do they actually work in reality to prevent HIV for gay men?

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These are all direct quotes captured a few months ago by long-time gay activist Rebecca Reinhardt at a West Hollywood gathering of gay college alumni in their 20s and 30s. I was disappointed but not shocked when she posted these quotes online. Since the steep decrease of in-person HIV education, gay men get almost all their info about safer sex online.

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A new study of condom use among gay and bisexual men in Australia suggests the answer is yes. The study, published in The Lancet HIV today, surveyed nearly 17, men who have sex with men in Sydney and Melbourne between and But just as seat belts can save lives even if risk compensation occurs, PrEP is so effective that it may more than offset the riskier behavior.

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Male condoms are more likely to break during anal sex than vaginal sex, so some health clinics and workers have been promoting female condoms as an alternative. A handful of studies have found that percent of gay men surveyed in the U. Certain design elements may, in fact, make female condoms inappropriate for anal sex. When used in the anus, the female condom may not be easy to insert, comfortable, or even safe.

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However that is sometimes the impression given by behavioural surveys. It is derived from an analysis of the responses to two large-scale, cross-sectional community surveys of Australian gay and bisexual men in and A total of 15, completed the surveys.

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An increase in condomless sex in pre-exposure prophylaxis users is predictable as preventing HIV is the key motivator for condom use among gay and bisexual men. Fewer gay and bisexual men are using condoms while taking PrEP, the antiretroviral pill that prevents HIV, according to research published today in the The Lancet medical journal. An increase in condomless sex in PrEP users is predictable, as preventing HIV is the key motivator for condom use among gay and bisexual men. This finding is cause for concern as this same proportion of men remain at high risk of HIV acquisition.


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