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When I got home I used my key to open the door thinking mom and Rick must have gone to the movie they were talking about before I left. With dad out of town working, mom was going a little nuts from boredom. As I got to the second floor landing I heard a sound, it almost sounded like someone was hurt, then a moan… a female voice.

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When I turned 18 years old I was beginning to fill out. I would look at my body and be satisfied that it looked good. I began feeling urges.

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This story from Lit x has been read 3 3 8 6 8 2 times. Punished by daddy Written by Lit xongenre incest For 20 years I have always been the apple of his eye, and he, my night in shining armour who always kept me safe. Most people notice it right away, how close we are, if only they knew how close we get, I wonder what they would think then?

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I can't believe how this day turned out. This morning my daughter was my precious virgin girl. I allowed my year-old girl to skip school and stay home with her old man.

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Bella, my sweet baby girl, insisted that I read her a story, or make one up for bedtime every single night. Sometimes it seemed tedious and I would try making up an excuse to get out of it, but she always insisted and now I'm glad she did, because it kept us close. Bella was growing so fast, and by the time she was twelve instead of a bedtime story from me, she preferred to talk to her mother about boys and about becoming a woman.

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I woke up suddenly, I must have dozed for a bit. My cock was stiff and hard, and Jessie and Sarah were stroking it gently, eager to bring me back up. I looked at my watch, it had only been 30 minutes, and already I was hard and eager to go again.

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Living on a farm with just my parents, I don't have much of a social life. I thought things might change now that I turned eighteen. One thing I know, my Daddy has been looking at me strangely. One weekend my Mom was driving to visit her sister.

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It was a normal Friday and I had just came home from School. I started to walk up the stairs and he came up behind me and dug his face in my ass to get a sniff. I dropped my bag on the floor and flung my shoes across the room, before flopping onto the bed.

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It was supposed to be fun but after I got there it turned into a boring evening full of nothing but a lot of people I didn't know standing around smoking and drinking - neither of which I did nor did I enjoy being around such people. The guy who brought me was pretty hot but he soon became so drunk I didn't even want to suck him, let alone have him fuck me, so in disgust I asked a girlfriend to take me home. When I walked through the front door I didn't see my parents nor did I hear the TV down in the basement so I just assumed that my parents must have left for the evening.


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