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Lace up your sneakers. Lack of exercise is linked to one out of every 10 deaths — and yet, 80 percent of Americans don't meet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's basic guidelines for fitness. I'm a regular, vigorous exerciser.

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Try our free Fitness Report Card! Hans Kraus in Kraus, a specialist in physical medicine whose favorite form of exercise was climbing mountains, published a paper with Bonnie Prudden warning that affluence in America made life so easy that both children and adults were becoming couch potatoes; this was long before video games entered the scene.

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If your school days are behind you, you probably remember—in disturbing detail—the gym-class rite of passage: the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. Turns out the tests go all the way back to President Dwight Eisenhowerwho was alarmed by a report that revealed nearly 60 percent of American kids failed one or more tests of fitness, compared to less than nine percent of their European counterparts. The original tests were very basic: If you could do a single sit-up and a single leg lift, you passed.

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What the world needs is a page, three-pound humor anthology. Get in position for the sit-and-reach. Can you get back up, or are you pretty much down there until the FedEx guy comes by again? To your knowledge, have you ever been a major factor in a corporate-level decision about where to build a Bob Evans?

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The President's Challenge is a fitness award program for school age children in the United States. The original Presidential Physical Fitness Award began in Over the years the program has recognized the fitness activities of millions of youth.

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The Council was established by President Eisenhower in to promote physical fitness at all levels of American society. Physical fitness testing was seen as an essential part of the national fitness effort. Physical fitness tests such as this one should only be undertaken by those deemed at low risk for health problems when performing maximal physical efforts.

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Do you still have nightmares about doing pull-ups in gym class? And if you pass the challenges, you can submit your results online and order an embroidered emblem, a certificate, or a digital badge for social media. Sweet revenge on those jocks from elementary school who now look sort of dumpy on Facebook! Rate yourself!

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New and existing partnerships are providing additional resources for these programs to improve their efficiency, accessibility, and physical activity and nutrition tracking options. The Presidential Youth Fitness Program provides educators with the necessary tools and information to achieve excellence through quality fitness education and assessment practices. This new program to assess student fitness levels now provides additional tools and resources to ensure students are fit for life.

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How fit are you? This online test measures overall fitness levels by assessing cardio fitness, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Take the test and record your data to see how you stack up among others your age. Here are the fitness challenges and tips to better your fitness and test scores.


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