Protective enyzyme in sex hormones

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Pregnant women and animals have increased susceptibility to a variety of intracellular pathogens including Listeria monocytogenes LMwhich has been associated with significantly increased level of sex hormones such as progesterone. Our findings thus provide insights into a new mechanism through which increased female sex hormone regulate CD8 Tm cell functions during pregnancy. Increased female sex hormones during pregnancy generate a temporary immune suppression status in the pregnant that protect the developing fetus from maternal rejection but renders the pregnant highly susceptible to various pathogens.

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The sex hormone estrogen could help protect women from cardiovascular disease by keeping the body's immune system in check, new research from Queen Mary, University of London has revealed. The study has shown that the female sex hormone works on white blood cells to stop them from sticking to the insides of blood vessels, a process which can lead to dangerous blockages. The results could help explain why cardiovascular disease rates tend to be higher in men and why they soar in women after the menopause.

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Epidemiologic studies have previously suggested that premenopausal females have reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease CVD when compared to age-matched males, and the incidence and severity of CVD increases postmenopause. The lower incidence of cardiovascular disease in women during reproductive age is attributed at least in part to estrogen E2. This review summarizes the protective role of E2 and its receptors in the cardiovascular system and discusses its underlying mechanisms with an emphasis on oxidative stress, fibrosis, angiogenesis, and vascular function.

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Researchers show testosterone plays a role in inducing—rather than suppressing—asthma in mice. Credit: iStock. The new study, they say, underscores the importance of appreciating sex differences and the role of sex hormones in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and stresses the value of a personalized and precision medicine approach to clinical care for asthma specifically.

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This exam allows an encompassing view of both the exocrine and endocrine pancreas and of their interactions. The main evaluation was done with the 2hs cumulative values of glycemia, insulin, amylase, isoamylase, lipase and calcium. The estrogen stage and the one performed following a free hormonal treatment period post-treatment stagedisclosed a progressive significant decline of the glycemia values associated to unmodified insulin ones.

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Myocardial antioxidant and oxidative stress changes due to sex hormones. Barp 1A. Fernandes 1K.

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Ovarian senescence affects many tissues and produces a variety of symptoms and signs. We hypothesized that estrogens may also influence circulating redox balance by regulating activity of the cellular antioxidative enzyme system. We aimed to explore the impact of surgical estrogen deprivation and replacement ERT on the glutathione balance and antioxidant enzymes expression in fertile women.

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The mechanisms of the action of sex steroid hormones on the nervous system are related to both classical, intracellularly mediated effects and non-classical membrane effects due to binding to membrane receptors. Some steroids are capable of inducing rapid neurotransmitter-like effects, similar to those of dopamine or glutamate that alter the activity of neuronal systems via different types of receptors. The neuroactive steroids are endogenous neuromodulators synthesized in the brain and rapidly affecting neuronal excitability. Sex steroids exert many pleiotropic effects in the nervous system: they modulate main neurotransmitter systems, promote the viability of neurons, play an important role in myelination, and influence cognitive processes.

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Estrogenor oestrogenis the primary female sex hormone. It is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics. There are three major endogenous estrogens in females that have estrogenic hormonal activity: estroneestradioland estriol.

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Science Alert. Journal of Biological Sciences. Year: Volume: 7 Issue: 8 Page No. Soleimani MehranjaniM.


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