Near earth objects and amateur astronomy

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As one of the BAA's observing sections, we aim to cover all aspects of those smaller Solar System objects termed asteroids, minor planets, dwarf planets, Centaurs, trans-Neptunian objects, Plutinos, near-Earth objects, plus more recently Exoplanets. However there are lots of other areas where you can participate as a Section Member such as those relating to the impact hazard, orbital motion, history of discovery and observation, evolution of the Solar System and spacecraft missions to such bodies to name a few. A full announcement will be circulated to section members shortly.

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On 25 July, an asteroid the size of a football field flew by Earth, coming within 65 km of our planet's surface during its closest approach—about one fifth of the distance to the Moon. The m-wide asteroid dubbed ' OK' was detected just days before it passed Earth, although archival records from sky surveys show it had previously been observed but wasn't recognised as a near-Earth asteroid. While OK illustrates the need for even more eyes on the sky, it also provides an opportunity to improve the asteroid recognising abilities of current and future telescopes, including ESA's upcoming 'Flyeye'.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Astronomy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for astronomers and astrophysicists. It only takes a minute to sign up.

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Amateur astronomer Erwin Schwab was determined to find it. The potentially hazardous asteroid SE85 had disappeared shortly after its September discovery by the Catalina Sky Survey. Following a few observations in Octoberthe asteroid had seemingly disappeared, predictions for its orbit clearly inaccurate.

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Afterwhen astronomers discovered that the rd, Eros, frequently passed within only 19 million km of Earth, the pursuit got even hotter. Cambridge has been an asteroid-and-comet-hunting hub for most of that time. InHarvard set up an observatory there.

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If the object lies within the image boundaries and the magnitude is brighter than the limiting magnitude, then the associated image is visually inspected by the project's collaborators the citizens to confirm or discard the presence of the NEA. If confirmed, accurate coordinates and, sometimes, magnitudes are submitted to the MPC. Rock on - A charitable foundation is to launch the first private, scientific space missionEconomist.

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There are some 25, near-Earth asteroids with diameters more than meters. Amateur astronomers can find them — and the Planetary Society can help. Last week, about scientists, engineers, disaster experts, and officials from the world's space agencies met in Washington, D. There, NASA led attendees through a five-day disaster-response simulation centered on a killer asteroid heading toward Earth.

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Is it possible for an amateur astronomer to assist with detecting near-Earth asteroids or comets? If so, what would be the minimum telescopic aperture and type of photographic equipment required to conduct this kind of research? Amateur astronomers can and do play an important part in detecting near-Earth objects.

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Jump to navigation. Amateur astronomers are about to make observations that will affect current and future space missions to asteroids. Some will use custom-made, often automated telescopes equipped with CCD cameras in their backyards. Others will use home computers to make remote observations with more powerful telescopes states or continents away.


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