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Coca-Cola really did start out containing cocaine. However, Coca-Cola was definitely created as a means of delivering cocaine in a delicious beverage! There was no attempt to hide the cocaine in the early days of the drink.

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We offer nearly specialty sodas from as far away as Japan. As craft breweries continue to revolutionize the beer biz, a similar movement is shaking up the soda industry. Small-batch artisanal soft drinks are bubbling up across America.

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The sweet, caffeinated, and bubbly beverage has been a staple of ball games, lunches, and quick pick-me-ups for decades. The soda first hit the market in and was originally intended to be a medicine and included coca leaves. But people liked the taste so much that carbonated water was added, making it a hugely popular soft drink with people of all ages. Today, the company is massive and Coke products can be found worldwide.

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In the early s, the burgeoning soda industry was made up of local drugstores who mixed and bottled small-batch recipes and delivered them in hand-stenciled crates. Before multi-brand soda fountains emerged, manufacturers would send individual syrup dispensers to malt shops to use and display on their counters. The novel door pusher is a prime example of that logic.

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Soda is as integral a part of American history as the hamburger or Nicolas Cage's repeated attempts to thwart it, and while most soft drinks under the sun are now owned and bottled by one of three major companies, there's still a rich tapestry of "hand-crafted", mom-and-pop soda companies out there doing what they've been doing for the last hundred years or so -- and doing it damn well. Each state might call these products something different soda, pop, tonic, fizzy yum-yum juicebut there's no disputing that Americans love their soft drinks. And with so many folks brewing them across so many states, there're bound to be some that rise above the rest.

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Credit Mary Delach Leonard St. Louis Public Radio. Here, on the corner of Broadway and Clinton streets, four generations of the Meier family have been selling soda for nearly 80 years.

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What was Zima? Aimed at helping Coors capture a beer-eschewing market, it was basically a cheap lager beer put through charcoal filtration. Of course, that process removes all the delicious beeriness, so citrus flavors were added to make it drinkable.

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Originally created inCoca-Cola has been through plenty of ups and downs over the years. And while it will probably be a favorite drink for years to come, Coke fans are doing way more than just sipping it over ice, too. The bright color is still an easy way for fans to recognize Coke cans and bottles today.


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