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Police are investigating the incident in which the woman launched into a foul-mouthed tirade at the pair while on a tube in Barcelona. A woman with a buggy has been filmed hurling a torrent of homophobic abuse at a lesbian couple after she reportedly spotted them kissing. She adds: "It disgusts me to see you kissing.

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Most people will be aware of the rainbow flag that acts as an umbrella symbol for the whole movement after first being used to denote gays and lesbians in But are there pride flags for lesbians only? The above flag, featuring seven different shades of pink, white and red, is flown as the official lesbian flag.

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Photo via Damensalon I mentioned last week that it is pride month and I thought that might be a good enough excuse for a queer post. I was recently asked this question by a well-meaning and genuinely curious progressive person. I realized after answering her that there might be other folks out there with similar questions.

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We have developed algorithms to improve this research, one after the other. This is an issue that has plagued the search engine for years, with untrustworthy links slipping into those sweet top spots to further peddle lies and conspiracy theories. It has happened multiple times in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting, and when people searched for information around the holocaust and climate changethe algorithm spoon-fed them dangerously false information via the Top Stories module.

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TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. However, after months of campaigning, Google has finally changed its algorithm for the better. Having pornographic links and other sexualized content of lesbians show up, before their history or other informative sites, adds to the culture of over-sexualizing lesbians and treating them as mere entertainment.

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It was the first lesbian periodical in the US to reach a national audience and the first US magazine to use the word "lesbian" in the title. The newsletter was run by young members of the DOB and their radical political stance created a rift between the editors and older, less radical members of the DOB. When the Tide expanded its distribution from the Los Angeles region to other U.

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Skip navigation! It's and just about everyone is using online dating appsregardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. So why are all of the most popular apps still designed with only straight people in mind?

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Julie Bindel. Lesbian tourism has long been a thing — women who once kissed a girl trying to appear more interesting while living a heterosexual life. What a load of pretentious baloney.

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Top definition. Where are all the lipstick lesbians? Lipstick Lesbian unknown.

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