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Confident pediatrician doing split examination. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview.

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I was 26 years old when I was first diagnosed with infertility. In my case, the inability to conceive was the result of a condition called stage 4 endometriosis. Like many people facing infertility, I was heartbroken by the news.

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Female infertility refers to infertility in women. Infertility affects women from around the world, and the cultural and social stigma surrounding it varies. Causes or factors of female infertility can basically be classified regarding whether they are acquired or genetic, or strictly by location.

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Children treated for cancer can live a long time, and fertility can become an issue for survivors when they reach young adulthood. Sometimes, cancer treatment can cause complete and irreversible infertility. Not only should the oncology team discuss fertility with the parents, but it should also be mentioned to the child as soon as they are old enough to understand.

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There are possible early warning signs of infertility. There are also risk factors, things that make it more likely you may have difficulty getting pregnant. While many couples will have no signs or symptomsif you do have any, you should talk to your doctor sooner than later.

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Fertility changes with age. Both males and females become fertile in their teens following puberty. For girls, the beginning of their reproductive years is marked by the onset of ovulation and menstruation.

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Female fertility is affected by age. Age is thus a major fertility factor for women. Menarchethe first menstrual period, usually occurs around 12—13, although it may happen earlier or later, depending on each girl.

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