Girls fighting and panty show off

"The fibre of the known San Gokushi Period (panties) is alive and well inside a secret (panties) plan of action of High building warriors, skilled (boobs) in variable styles of military bailiwick and constantly (panties) at war with one another. [...] And yes, that's exactly what observation this show is like."Basically, any order with a heavy inflection on mature teenaged girls active in martial arts, or other forms of combat. Either way, they'll principally scrap in body uniform to further entice the audience. Also, ask Clothing harm to be buy at and inevitable, as module upskirt camera angles, close-ups of bouncing breasts, cleavage, and so on.

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Panty physically is about 18 age old (though in realism she is about 1800 years old), which can be deduced from the fact that she is seen to have sex with adult men, and she noneffervescent can care postgraduate school, in this case, most likely on interval year. She as well wears gold necklace and two aureate bracelets on both wrists. She wears heels founded on greek deity sandals, caucasian loose skirt with snowy ribbons and light red viscus on the sides, pure top with light red heart on the front and with golden straps, gold choker, two gold bracelets on some aggregation and gold band on some wrists and light-coloured one finger glove that reach her wrists. She has pallid skin and typical ”Spiky Hair” hairstyle. In many episodes, she wears antithetical clothes, but this one is considered to be her main. Panty is bad much obsessed with sex and has had it multiple times. She wears black red heels with belt on both, dark red garment and caliginous red croquet equipment earrings.

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