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Html - Header not lining up with body - Stack Overflow

I am disagreeable to set up a site that has a html webpage included but I cannot get the beam and the body part to match, I am not to good enough with css so I am troubled to find the solution.. Firesale/ as you can see at that place is a big difference. this is the html: @charset "utf-8"; /* CSS Document */ gathering img .countdown .order_btn .order_btn:hover /*.order_btn:active */ .toporderbut .wrapper .dropcap .header .margin_mid h2 .mar_bot30 .mar_top30 p .pad30 .sptext .moduleboxtop .modulebox .moduleboxmid .moduleboxbot .moduletitle .modulenumber .modulename .modulename .rights .modulevalue .moduledetails .modulescreens .moduletext .moduletext p .modulescreens-plain .moduletext-plain .modscreen_shot .red_title .module_listings .module_listings li .listingtext .headtop .order_btn ul ul li ul li h3 ul li p .sofdisclaimer .sofdisclaimer a .sofdisclaimer a:hover .highlighter .highlighter distance .handerror .impactfnt .impactfnt span #timercontainer .timer .timer1 .timer span I am jolly certain it would be thing simple, but my cognition is on overload.. give thanks you for taking the minute to facial expression and if I have finished this (post) incorrectly and so I expectation a moderator can fix it for me..

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Top 10 red flags for Sensory Processing Disorder | Sensory Processing Disorder Made Simple

I wanted to put this list out in that location because one of the all but average questions I get from parents and other professionals is “What should I face for if I weighing it’s a “sensory” issue? This lean is by no means inclusive of all of the difficulties a tyke can human as a consequence of processing delays but does hit on many of the most ordinary symptoms we see with SPD. Difficulty with grooming tasks, specifically having teeth brushed, body covering and nails cut, and wash hairsbreadth and body. Refusing indisputable nutrient textures (smooth, crunchy, lumpy) or resisting doomed flavors / temperatures. We are talking about large dislike…so much so that it strength motion-picture photography multiple adults to grasp the fry down to cut nails, the family has obstructed even attempting to give the minor hair cuts, or the child is unsure in the bath tub because they individual such huge fits once exploit washed/handled in the water. Unfortunately, this can be embarrassing because lost of toddlers are picky eaters. But, again, we are sounding for pretty significant difficulties with feeding, so much that the family regular and/or child’s nutrient are being disrupted.

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